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Early Childhood Inclusive Education

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Autism Spectrum Disorder is the term used to describe a collection of developmental disorders primarily affecting a child’s ability to communicate and form social relationships. It is a complex neuro-developmental condition. The characteristics and symptoms of ASD fall on a continuum and can range from mild to severe and present in a wide variety of […]

Mary Ainsworth was born in on 1 December 1913 in Ohio, United States. She was a Developmental Psychologist and was best known for her research on Attachment Theory and in particular her “Strange Situation” study which she carried out in 1978 with children aged 12 – 18 months, 100 families took part in her study. […]

It is very important to use appropriate language and terminology when referring to people with additional needs. Remember: See the person, not the additional need Use people-first language Use currently accepted terminology Be sensitive to the feelings of others